Charge Off Removal

    Charge Off Removal

    A charge-off is a sign that the creditor has given up on you. They are no longer willing to offer any more credit, and they view your inability to meet financial obligations as an indication of unreliability.

    With the debt uninvested for 180 days, it will be charged off. However, as a consumer you are still responsible. Besides self-collection, the borrower can also work with a third party collection agency should they need to do so in order to clear their debt from this company and get back on track financially.

    Allowing false and misleading information to remain on your credit report can be damaging. Keeping an eye out for suspicious or erroneous entries is important in order not to hurt the accuracy of one's reports, as charge-offs and past due payments will affect a person’s score.

    Credit Repair of San Antonio is a company that provides accurate credit information and has the ability to dispute errors.

    When companies have 30 days to respond, the charge-off gets removed from your credit report and is proven. It will help if you use a charge-off expert because it's challenging for people like us, who are new at this kind of work.